He is a PhD student at Cornell University. He is interested in mixed and augmented reality for entertainment and training. The technology he studies including AR/VR immersive interactions and analytic-driven video game designs and gamification.  He is a Shenzhen citizen, SFLS alumnus.

greenbar Education

2015-present Doctoral Student in Computer Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA.

He is supervised by Professor Serge Belongie. He is also fortunate to work with Professor Erik Andersen and have Professor Kavita Bala and Professor So-Yeon Yoon (Minor in DEA – Human Behaviour & Design) as his defence committee members.

2014-2015 Doctoral Student in Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, USA. (transferred)

2010-2014  2+2  International Higher Education Programme

He spent 2 years in China and 2 years in UK. He received 2 bachelor degrees from universities in both countries upon completing the programme.

2012-2014   B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

First Class. The syllabus includes Theory of Computation, Digital Forensics, Functional Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Computer System and Concurrency, Software Architecture and Design, et al.

2010-2012    B.Eng. (Hons) Computer Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), Beijing, China.

Rank  2/125. The syllabus includes Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete Maths, Probability & Statistics, C Programming, Object-oriented Programming, Assembly Language Programming, Circuit and Electronic Technology, Physics, et al.

greenbar Professional Experience

08/15-05/16   Teaching Assistant, for CS 4830 and CS 4320, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA.

06/15-08/15   Research Assistant, supervised by Prof. Prateek Saxena, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

08/14-05/15   Teaching Assistant, for CMSC 351 Introduction to Algorithms, University of Maryland, College Park, USA.

06/13-08/13   Research Intern, supervised by Prof. Changyu Dong, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

greenbar Awards and Group Memberships

08/14 The Dean’s Fellowship Award from University of Maryland

2014-2015 Member of Special Interest Group on Applied Computing (SIGAPP) in the Association for Computing Machinery

06/14 The Andrew McGettrick Prize for Honours Student sponsored by Lockheed Martin

06/14 The Babbage Prize for the Best (Final Year) Project sponsored by Bridgeall, supervised by Prof. Einar Steingrímsson

06/14 The Outstanding Graduate of Beijing, Beijing Municipal Education Commission

05/14 The Best Final Year Project Presentation Runner-up sponsored by Kana

08/13 The Dean’s certificate of Distinction award from University of Strathclyde

10/12 The Outstanding Student of the Year from Beijing University of Chemical Technology

greenbar Complete Version of Curriculum Vitae

Reach me at zw385[a t]cornell.edu